About Calorie Killer Club

Calorie Killer Club allows users to find calorie counts and other nutritional information for the food that they enjoy and then find exercises that burn off that same amount of calories. We even further suggest gyms that allow you to do the type of workouts you enjoy and grocery stores that sell the type of food you like. Anyone who is interested in either bulking up or losing weight can benefit from our site.

We can show you exactly how much you should be ashamed of yourself for eating a certain amount of food. :)

Gitbook | Github Repo | Travis CI

Our Team

Cindy Truong

Front End, Co-Maker of Beauty

CS major at UT Austin. Amazing.

  • No. of Commits: 60
  • No. of Issues: 15
  • No. of Unit Tests: 6

Brandon Harrison

Back End, Magic

Writes code while studying at UT Austin.

  • No. of Commits: 79
  • No. of Issues: 58
  • No. of Unit Tests: 0

Harrison Foreman

Front End, Code Beautician

I coded some of this stuff. Student at UT Austin.

  • No. of Commits: 100
  • No. of Issues: 29
  • No. of Unit Tests: 5

Wesley Joe

Front End and Back End, Resident API Guy

Student at UT Austin. Studies CS

  • No. of Commits: 46
  • No. of Issues: 1
  • No. of Unit Tests: 3

Bao Than

Back End, King of Servers

Coder primarily, but seeking education at UT Austin.

  • No. of Commits: 72
  • No. of Issues: 13
  • No. of Unit Tests: 50

Total Commits: 357 | Total Issues: 116 | Total Tests: 64

GitHub | Wesley does API and JSON parsing magic.

Spoonacular - Food API and Recipe API | Spoonacular returns a JSON that we parse before storing items with their attributes in our database.

Google Places API | Similar to Spoonacular, we also parse the JSON returned by a request before storing the information in our database.

Flask is a web framework in python

Bootstrap is CSS, and JS.

Sass is A CSS extension that allows more CSS code to be written in fewer lines.

Github is Version Control.

Slack is a platform for team communication

PlantUML was used to create UML Diagrams.

Gunicorn is a program that allows multiple instances of Flask to run at one given time. It also restarts instances of Flask if they fail. This is the middleware between Flask and the server.

NGINX is a fast, lightweight server that is an alternative to Apache with even more features and a more efficient run time. Used to serve the website.

Amazon Web Services is a hosting service we used.